Family Love
Family, it is one most prevalent theme that is present in Narayan’s English Teahcer. It continuously develops in Krishna’s character to help him connect and integrate with other people in society and to the point where he can express his care and love for Susila and Leela. In the beginning where he was still living in the hostel, he smells his wife’s letter, showing his yearning for her and the fear of living together that was present in his mind was erased at this point, when Susila arrives, he builds up the relationship into one where he often flirts and jokes with here, as expected from a newlywed. As for Leela, he may not show much interest in the beginning but bit by bit he builds up a strong bond between them, intensified by Susila’s death. Susila’s death is also a pinnacle of the theme family love where his grief over her death is overwhelming, and when the medium approaches him that she is to speak to him he becomes extremely over joyed.
By Nannan