By Petra and Ray.

Bathing in the river is a significant change in Khrisna's attitude from his bachelor lifestyle at the hostel. He vows to get into a new routine and explore western cultures: In Indian, bathing in a river is said to wash people of sins and make them feel clarity, both physically and spirituality.

Bathing in the river also coincides with motifs of nature: suggesting purity and wholesomeness.


Bathing in the river is signifigant because it represents revival and new birth of Krishna.
'The river flowed against the night' - this quotation shows how the river doesnt stop for anything or anyone. Therefore represents how Krishna must go on and not let anything hold him back from finding his true self and self-development. The river in this perspective can almost be seen as a guide and pathway for Krishna to take. The river forges it's own path which Krishna must replicate and do himself.

'I felt I was really in a new world' - This is a significant quotation as it portrays Krishna's rebirth almost as a newborn child, being excited by these new and extrodinary things that surrounds him. Rebirth also foreshadows the later stages in the book in which Krishna progresses through into his new life. The signifigance of the word 'New' also emphasizes the idea of reincarnation and cleansing.

'All of which created an alchemy of inexplicable joy' - Through Krishna's usage of complex vocabulary e.g. 'alchemy', the term 'Alchemy' assosiates with magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value. The signifigance of this word is that is illustrates how Krishna bottles up this magical experience in order to regenerate himself and to embrace this phenomenal experience.